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Re: Peculiar sighting

Subject: Re: Peculiar sighting
From: "Steve Vernon"
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 23:04:45 -0500
Newsgroups: sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe
"Skywise" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Sid Snot <[email protected]> wrote in news:1aZhf.4510$ea6.1567@news-
> > Appx 1250hrs GMT I saw a reasonably bright object which looked just like
> > a satellite traversing the sky from the south west to northeast. It was
> > just a single point of light and there were no navigation lights to
> > indicate it was an aircraft. It was at an elevation of about 60 degrees
> > when I saw it.
> >
> > Because I live at Adelaide, South Australia, the object was well outside
> > the satellite visibility window, the earth's shadow having well taken
> > over. Local time being 11.20pm.
> >
> > I went to get hold of some binoculars which only took a few seconds, but
> > when I looked again there was no sign of it.
> >
> > I can't discount the fact that what I may have seen was some sort of
> > rocket burn, possibly to facilitate a manoeuvre.
> >
> > Any comments/suggestions appreciated.
> >
> > Sid.
> Just because of where you live and the time does not mean you
> can't see a satellite. There are satellites that fly high enough
> to stay in sunlight.
> Possibly the satellite had entered shadow when you went to get
> your binocs.
> Also, sometimes it's difficult to see the navigation lights on
> aircraft naked eye. I've been tricked by that before myself.
> Once I get binocs on the object it's obvious it's an airplane.
> Perhaps someone else lurking might be able to ID your object,
> given your location, time and object description.

Would Lacrosse 5 "flare" like an Iridium?

Heavens-above says mag 3.0 which could match "reasonably bright"
SW to NE is right. Disappears at 23:22 pm local which is right. is your satellite pass friend.

Steve Vernon

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