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NYC Events 2/2 Jan 5/ 5

Subject: NYC Events 2/2 Jan 5/ 5
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 15:15:46 -0400
Newsgroups: sci.astro.planetarium
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visitor by posturing and gesturing! 
    Because there seems now to more than just a 'risk' of abuse and 
hostility, NYC Events no longer lists AAA events at the Museum. These 
were so far this season the club's own lectures in Kaufmann Theater 
and their starviewing at the Planetarium's Monday shows. 

Sky News 
    We lose Venus in Jnaury for good. She is racing toward her 
inferior conjunction in early 2006. Mars is in high sky by nightfall 
in December. He's the good and bright orange star in Aries. He steams 
eastward toward Taurus. The disc is getting too small for comfortable 
inspection in small scopes. Saturn is in the east at nightfall, to 
replace Venus in the evening sky in January. His rings are slowly 
closing up, making him more 'classical' in appearance. 
    The Observer's Handbook is only $17, including pack and post. 
NYSkiers can pick up their copies at our Seminars or other astro and 
space events around New York, or just let me mail the book to you. 
Hurry! There are only a few copies left!! Please get your request in 
NOW, like TOMORROW MORNING, to avoid gross disappointment. 
    On Decemver 12th, the City enjoyed a sparkling sky, filled with 
tiny stars all over. Transparency on Manhattan was 4-1/2 to 5th 
amgnitude. It was chilly and breezy, but many of us toughed it out to 
enjoy the spaectacule. There were many other clear nights in December, 
but only when the air was cold and windy. 
    The sky on December 28th was among the darkest ever -- by day! It 
couded over during the previous night so densely that in morning, when 
the sky should have be bright with daylight, it was like deep 
twilight. The streetlights were still ligted and cars had headlights 
on!! By mid morning the clouds thinned to a normal rainy day density 
with diffuse daylight. 
    The year closed with the celebration in Times Square, packed with 
a full million visitors standing in the nasty pitter/patter since 
early afternoon. As part of the revelry, the leapsecond was inserted, 
making the last minute before midnight contain 61, not 60, seconds. 
Technicly, the leapsecond is added before 24h UT, or 19h EST. In New 
Yoek, and commonly elsewhere, the leapsecond is part of the local New 
Year's celebration. New York City was a second ahead of UT for five 
hours up to local midnight. 

    Astronomers are exploiting NYSkies as a quick, handy, friendly, and 
potent source of astronomy news relating to the City. And there is 
LOTS of astronomy stuff going on around New York! Since it revived on 
28 September 2001 (it was interrupted by World Trade Center) NYSkies 
became the definitive forum and public record for matters bearing on 
home astronomy in and around New York. 
    Joining NYSkies is easy. Send an empty email to this Yahoogroup 
maillist at '[email protected]'. Its posts are sent to 
you in your email and you post to it by email. It's that simple! 
    Or you may go to ''. If you are already 
signed up with Yahoo, you go and sign in and then 'join' NYSkies. If 
not, you have to go thru a silly 'registration' that's a one shot 
chore, valid for all groups you may eventually join. The files area of 
NYSkies are accessible only thru the website. 

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