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Re: Rare Amateur Telescopes

Subject: Re: Rare Amateur Telescopes
Date: 30 Dec 2006 09:28:04 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
Rich wrote:
> RMOLLISE wrote:
> > Rich wrote:

> Not the one I had.  Took about 4 hours to cool down and the images were
> poor.
> 65lbs of steel and aluminum takes forever to cool.  Such a scope is an
> anachronism today, easily superceded in ease of use and qualilty by
> modern SCTs.

Well, there's really no doubt about that. There've been times when I've
thought how great it would be to have a C10 (or a C16), but I've always
managed to come back to reality. ;-)

Not that the ones I've seen and used haven't been "good" (cooldown is
really not a huge factor for us down here), but my modern NS11 would
tromp all over that beautiful blue and white C10. ;-)

Rod Mollise
Author of:
Choosing and Using a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope
The Urban Astronomer's Guide

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