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Re: Science and Reincarnation

Subject: Re: Science and Reincarnation
From: "Mij Adyaw"
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 11:52:00 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
One day you will learn the truth and findout that it is not nonsense. 
Unfortunately at that time you will have already rejected the Lord and it 
will be too late for you. There is still time and hope for you if you will 
just open your mind.

"IoANUS babbled the following Atheist garbage:

> "Mij Adyaw" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
>> I would suggest that you should join a good Christian Church and begin
>> studying the Bible. The answers that you are looking for are there. There 
>> is
>> life after death and Jesus describes it in the New Testament. Believers 
>> will
>> have life after death. Death is a beginning for a believer. Non believers 
>> do
>> not have this guarantee.
> Whenever some sort of intelligent debate about life after death is taking
> place, some random bible-thumper will jump in to pontificate about the
> Judeo-Xtian nonsense.
> It's like these guys feel an URGE to announce their nonsense with trumpets 
> and
> timpani.
>> Merry Christmas
> Yeah, merry **PLONK**-mass to you, too.
>> -mij
> -- 
> Ioannis
> -------
> The best way to predict reality, is to know exactly what you DON'T want

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