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Re: Question

Subject: Re: Question
From: William Hamblen
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 17:20:26 -0600
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
On 24 Dec 2006 14:25:50 -0800, "Matthew Ota" <[email protected]>

>Turnip wrote:
>> Are there any "moderated" Google Groups dealing with amateur telescope
>> making and telescope buffs? This cross-posting and spamming from these
>> fanatic psychos boggles the mind. Like, they have literally thousands
>> of other political and social groups they can hammer, but they still
>> come into groups like this and spout their bullshit crap, day in and
>> day out.
>> Could we start a moderated Google Group and killfile these insane
>> little pricks?
>> Turnip.
>You do not understand that "Google Groups"  is just a user shell over
>the usenet, a message network that predates the internet. You can
>access the usenet through one of many newsgroup servers, not just

Yahoo has mailing lists for ATMs and others.  Go to and do a search.  There are plenty of
astronomy related lists.

The night is just the shadow of the Earth.

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