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Re: Does this guy know what he's talking about??

Subject: Re: Does this guy know what he's talking about??
From: Humble Pie <"ohgod please!">
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 03:30:13 -0600
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur

"Joe S." wrote:

> just delivered to me a copy of "The Urban Astronomer's Guide" by
> one Rod Mollise.
> At first look, it appears to be a useful piece of work.
> Does this guy really know what he's talking about?  :-)

In his previous work: " Motorcycles and Unicycles Ive Never
Ridden", a personal documentary, the author speculates about
what his life would have been like (a) had WWII never happened,
(b) had the South won the Civil War, and (c) had he not shot the
glass out of his first telescope with his Daddy's .45 calibre muzzle loader at
the age of twelve! That was the beginning of Rod's career
in astronomy.

In Chapter XVII we see Rod having departed the Venice Beach
chapter of the Hell's Angels to take up astronomy fer serious, after meeting a
deity in a vision, which turned out to be his wife, or was it his tenth child!?
Rod is not sure and neither am I. Iwasn't there!

The author would like us to believe he's been around the block a
few times, or more if you count the lies, this attribution meant to
assure any uncertain reader that Rod knows what he's talking about - on any

The fact is, the man is a lot like the first Bach. Very gifted and a
natural composer of yarns and such. But, he has never been out of
his hometown since the day he was born 56 some-odd years ago
(or whatever it is by now), he married his highschool sweetheart,
he has worked in the same church and hardware store for more
than 30 years of his life, he does not drink at all (that is pure myth),
and he has taught the same astronomy class one night a week in the same old
moss covered college for almost 30+ years, and he's so
poor he has to walk to and from the college each time - and that is where he
suddenly discovered one night during his walk home
that "urbanism" had arrived. Oh my God!  Thus, his new book.

Read it. Y'all will like it.

Anonymous Semper Minimus

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