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Re: Law of Orbits

Subject: Re: Law of Orbits
From: "oriel36"
Date: 29 Nov 2006 10:20:41 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
west wrote:
> If this question could be answered, it might straighten out some confusion
> for me.
> Let's say the sun vanishes instantly.  We wouldn't go dark until 8 minutes
> later. However, what happens to the earth's orbit? Would it also take 8
> minutes for the earth to fly out of its orbit? All comments most welcomed &
> thanks.
> Cordially,
> west

Remember  that the Earth not only particpates in its motions around the
Sun,it also moves with the solar system in one direction around the
galactic axis spending roughly 6 months travelling in the direction of
the solar system's galactic orbital motion and 6 months against the
direction of the solar system's galactic orbital motion.

In another era the excellent question you posed would have produced a
discussion on how much the motion of the solar system around the
galactic axis affects heliocentric planetary motion insofar as it may
generate an effect similar to Keplerian orbital geometries but the
unfortunate people  here are stuck in a Newtonian celestial sphere
framework and are obliged only to recognise local solutions for orbital
motion  based solely on the Sun.

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