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Re: What *REALLY* Worries The Atheists...

Subject: Re: What *REALLY* Worries The Atheists...
From: "Starlord"
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 18:04:59 -0700
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Dear hhc314, You are wong on one point, the 6 (or more) toed cat is a 
natural mution of a gene. I am a cat breeder and whole my breed of cat is 
not known to carry that gene, if I was to cross breed with a cat that has 
the gene, my line would then carry it. But that would be against the 
breeders code for Japanese Bobtail breeders and I happen to be the oldest 
active JBT breeder in the USA. As it is, I have a stray rescurded female cat 
that I saved and she is a polodacyal cat having 6 toes on her front paws/ 
BTW, there is a 2nd side to that same gene, as on that side, the cat can 
only have a split set of two claws, which thankfully is not seen at all. But 
this gene is a natural gene as they have found cats mummafied that had the 6 
toes and there's more fussial remains that show it too. It is not seen in 
the big cats very offen, but has be found on some of the big wild cats in 
ages past.
 The kinked tail factor of the JBT breed is a natural gene too. So don't 
talk about something you know nothing about, as that puts you into the very 
same boat you put those others in.

Akumaizer Cattery  JBT's since 1974.

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> 6 toed cats, 

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