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Re: One small step for (a?)...

Subject: Re: One small step for (a?)...
Date: 5 Oct 2006 02:28:31 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur, sci.astro,,, alt.atheism
[email protected] wrote:
> Sun of our Sun wrote:
> Warning! Danny Min crossing!
> The little   made me mad enough during his tirades in alt.atheism
> years ago..and now he's decided to insult my family history? My aunt
> wrote the LOI program for Apollo 8 (with Binary Assembly language!).
> She was one of FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND people who achieved the greatest
> technical accomplishment in humanity's history.

Fixed link:

I'll bet y'all thought I was losing my mind...<g>

> Read it and weep, sucker. See the dark dirt at arrow "A"? That's Scott
> & Irwin's tire tracks, you cretins. We may have gone for the wrong
> reason, but we sure as hell went.
> I cannot wait until Selene arrives. Maybe *those* pictures will finally
> shut you morons up.
> -Panama Floyd, Atl.
> aa#2015, Member Knights of BAAWA!
> EAC Martian Commander
> Plonked by Kadaitcha Man, Sep 06
> "..the prayer cloth of one aeon is the doormat of the next."
> -Mark Twain
> Religious societies are *less* moral than secular ones:

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