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Re: Pluto kooks make the ultimate appeal

Subject: Re: Pluto kooks make the ultimate appeal
From: "canopus56"
Date: 2 Sep 2006 13:08:56 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
Chris L Peterson wrote:
> Maybe there is no science behind it- the whole decision really has
> nothing to do with science, after all. Maybe he's just taking the
> reasonable position that the IAU shouldn't create a definition for
> "planet" at all.

Agreed.  I read that there was a dynamist camp and a planetary geology
camp.  The dynamist model, that the IAU resolution appears to be based
on, is the one I personally find most useful as an amateur.  But I
never read a clear explanation of the reasoning of the opposing
position for an alternative affirmative taxonomy.

- Canopus56

P.S. - Stern has made a few comments to the media impeaching the IAU
resolution, using IMHO a plainly erroneous interpretation of the
amibguity of "orbit clearing." But impeaching the opposing position is
different from presenting one's own affirmative definition.

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