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Re: Building a computer controlled telescope.

Subject: Re: Building a computer controlled telescope.
From: none <""gcain\"@(none)">
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 22:44:04 +1000
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
szaki wrote:
none wrote:

Hi Guys,

I have recently decided to build a telescope, that is controlled by an old laptop I have. The idea is to eventually have the device hooked up to a website so people (from a different hemisphere, or just ones without a telescope) can login and browse the sky down here; plus it will keep me entertained while I build it! :P
Since I have basically no knowledge of astronomy or telescopes please
forgive my ignorance.
I'm a programmer and enjoy playing around with electronics so I
figured hooking something like this up would be hours of fun and be a
nice way to enter the astronomy field as a hobby.
So far I have been browsing the web and found many great sites with
some fairly good information on construction of both the telescope and
the electronics.
The only question I haven't been able to find an answer to is one
about focusing.
I will have the Telescope hooked up to a small camera (model yet to be
decided on so any suggestions welcome!). Will there be a need to
refocus if I move from one location in the sky to another? I have had
conflicting answers to this, and it seriouly affects some of my design
Does anyone have any suggestions or links to sites on how to hook a
camera to a telescope?
Any information that you can give on this project will be most
Thanks to all in advance!


*Wasting your time, Dreamer, all that hardware and software you want to build is out there cheap. Get a bino or a DOB and learn the sky, you making things too complicated for your self!
Yes, you are probably right, although you missed the whole point behind
me doing this.
Astronomy is not my primary objective here. Being a coder, I'm more
interested in hooking a few motors up to my computer and doing something
useful with them.
The fact that I can get into astronomy at the same time is just an added
bonus and another reason to get the job done.
If it takes me 18 months to do, who cares, it's the 'doing it' part that
I'm mostly interested in anyway.

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