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Re: How long for AP160?

Subject: Re: How long for AP160?
From: Anthony Ayiomamitis
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 20:09:02 +0300
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
Mark S. Holden wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

     I've been on the list for over 5.5 years and expect to be
somewhere near the middle of the next production run, whenever that
turns out to be.
     It could easily be well over another year, if not two, before
being called and then probably another year before delivery.
     It will be interesting to see how many "extras" are made for the
present production run and how much further they take them trough the
     I expect the total wait time could easily end up being between
eight and nine years for people who got on the list around the same
time, which was the beginning of 2000.  It looks like you can add at
least another 4 years for each year later you got on the list.  That
will probably equate to a minimum 20 year wait for people who got on
the list in the beginning of 2005.  Roland will have a lot more
experience by the time he builds those scopes.

The list is long but I doubt it's near 20 years.

I would also be very surprised if it is that long !!!

The rumor I've heard is the 160 objectives are taking more hand figuring than Roland expected.

Personally I am almost convinced of this based on my experience. I was notified on Nov 3/2004 (I was surfing at 02:30 AM when the email first arrived and I was FLOORED !!!) and a comment was made that the scope would be ready in Dec/2004. This was pushed back to Jan/2005 and eventually deliveries started a few months thereafter. I have unit #16 which I received in May/2005.

At the same time, a message was left on the AP Yahoo list by AP that the current production run (ie. notifications started on Nov 3/2004) would have deliveries go into Jan/2006 wich effectively means no production run (?) during 2005. Perhaps notifications late 2005 but no deliveries.

As for the scope itself, there is very little I can say that would do justice to it!!!


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