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Re: Which Newsreader do you use?

Subject: Re: Which Newsreader do you use?
From: Mike Williams
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 22:23:42 +0100
Newsgroups: alt.satellite.gps,, sci.astro.amateur,,, uk.rec.caravanning, uk.rec.gps, uk.sci.astronomy,
Wasn't it Mike Causer who wrote:
>On Sat, 06 Aug 2005 21:12:14 +0100, Gareth Slee wrote:
>> Thought it might be an interesting exercise?
>> See  http//
>Hmmmmm, this redirects to

That's because there needs to be a ":" between "http" and "//". 
Without the ":" your browser doesn't recognise it as a URL.

If the "http://"; were completely absent, most browsers will correctly
guess that it's a URL and add it, but if it's partly present they can
get a bit confused.

Try <>

Mike Williams
Gentleman of Leisure

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