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Woo Hoo! :-)

Subject: Woo Hoo! :-)
From: "Zarkovic"
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 08:30:05 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
HI guys!!!
Superb night. I found the christmas tree, the M103!!!!!!!!!11 I can't belive 
it, it was crazy. Just insane. After using the telrad charts of off this 
website, starry night pro 5, I finally located at least one Messier object. 
I didn't know what it looked like, but I read on the info that it should be 
like a christmas tree and it was, so cool Then I zoomed in with my 10 mm, 
and it was so beautiful, I can't even describe it. Blue, red, orange, even 
whitish, all there in a nice triangle. I located it two more times, and now 
I have no trouble locating it!!!! Can't belive it! Anyhow, I saw Mars again, 
learned where capella is and instantly recodnize Deneb, Vega, Polaris and 
now Capella too and Arcturus too. And, yea I was looking for M31 andromeda 
there, for like 10 minutes with my 10 mm eyepiece! I was so hyped about the 
M103, I totally forgot I left it in there, haha just terrible. 
Anyhow.....yea...Just insane, I can't belive some people can find all 110 of 
them in one night. I just want to say how GLAD I am that I didn't give up 
with go to systems, I would NOT have LEARNED anything, just a shame. Thank 
you guys. There is so much more, and I am just tripping out about the M103 
and some of the major stars I learned. By the way, here is my brief 
observation of what I think was the north American nebulae, that I posted in 
cherookee's post #4.

Just a lil update...I think I saw the N. American nebulae
I used the telrad circled from the site and there is
a link below, called deep sky objects. There is the north american nebulae,
and I think I was able to see it. Here is what I saw: I used my standard
25mm sirius plossl from orion (1.25") and it was about "an extra telrad
circle from deneb" What I mean by this is if there was a 4th circle in
telrad, right on the edge of it, I think I saw the nebule. Now, I did not
see the whole thing, but I saw the shape of it by moving my scope a bit here
a bit there. It was not red or anything ( I have no filters yet) but it
seemed like a bit pale grayish, with lots of white in looked like 
spilled a bit of flour on dark floor, some large bumps (brighter stars) but
mostly just like the lil specs there, just sort of covering the floor. Again
it was big, and I think I recodnized the gulf part, and at the edges, I
could see like these lil "voids" and bigger brighter stars, while little
specs of flour dissapeared mostly around it. Think that was it? Perhaps I'll
be able to tell with OIII or sky glow some day.

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