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Re: What does it cost for a newcomer to astronomy?

Subject: Re: What does it cost for a newcomer to astronomy?
From: "Mark S. Holden"
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 22:10:38 -0400
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
Bill wrote:
Mark Holden's posting was a tad pessimistic, in my view.  $10,000 will buy
you a TEC 140 APO (that's a very-high-end 5.5" apochromatic refractor), an
excellent Losmandy G-11 mount for it, a high-end diagonal, and several
high-end eyepieces.

That is exactly the set-up I would buy right now -- if I could afford it.

I have observed with a TEC 140 APO, and it provided the best images that a
telescope can provide -- for its aperture.  And 5.5" of apo aperture would
keep me happy for a lifetime.  Look through a TEC 140 APO sometime under a
dark sky, and you will (probably) understand what I mean.


Hi Bill

When I was buying my last scope, I chose a TMB 115 CNC largely because I wanted the largest top quality apo I could shoehorn into carry on luggage for when I fly to Florida. It was a convenient example, because I've done it this year.
Otherwise, I guess it depends what you consider a complete setup.

I included fudge factor for incidentals.

Stainless counterweights.

A battery pack or a power supply for the mount.  (Maybe both)

A polar alignment scope is a handy thing to have.

So is an observing chair or stool.

A white light solar filter is nice.

Star charts and a red LED flashlight are important.

A ddcap is a good idea to protect your optics.

You'll want a case for the scope and maybe one for the mount and the tripod.
I added a second focuser (feathertouch) to get additional in and out
focus, and I went for a 1/26 wave quartz diagonal.
$20 here, $450 there, it all starts to add up.

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