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Re: Santa Ana

Subject: Re: Santa Ana
From: "Matthew Ota"
Date: 25 Jun 2005 17:54:54 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
The Orange County Astronomers is one of the world's largest amateur
astronomy club with over 800 members. Go to the club web site at:

To see more information. click on the Calendar to see how active we

We have so many activities and special Interest groups that sometimes
they overlap.

Orange County Astronomers SIGs include:

OCA Astroimagers (over 113 members)
Go-To SIG for comuterized telescopes
Electronics SIG, currently developing a remote control telescope at OCA
Astrophysics SIG

Also a very active astronomy outreach program, covering schools all
over Orange County.

We hold beginner telescope classes at the Centennial Center in Santa

Our Black Star Canyon site is conveniently close to Orange County.

Our Anza site is arguably the most developed amateur astronomy site in
the USA. It features:

A professional-grade 22 inch telescope housed in a roll-off roof

A three bedroom, three bathroom, two kitchen house with full amenities.
$5 a night for members.

Private observatories, and member pads that are leased out by the club.

A large extended paved pad area with full 120VAC electrical service for
general members without private observatories or pads.

And finally, wireless internet access so you can stay connected to
sci.astro.amateur and the rest of the world wide web while you observe.

The OCA has monthly general meetings at Hashinger Hall at Chapman
College in the city of Orange. Since our membership roll is so large,
we draw top-notch guest speakers. Past speakers include Dr. Wendy
Freeman from the Carnagie Observatories, and numerous scientists from
the Jet Propulsion lab, Mt. Wilson Observatory and others. Our library
is at the college and it features not only books but software and DVDs.

If you do not have a scope there is a telescope loaner program.

Membership gives you a club discount at local telescope dealers like
OPT and Scope City. You also get the discounts on magazine

The OCA has an astronomy television show shown on local cable TV.

With membership comes this and much more.

Matthew Ota
Board of Trustees 
Orange County Astronomers

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