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Re: Bad News from Rosamond

Subject: Re: Bad News from Rosamond
From: Uncle Bob
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 19:02:42 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
Robin Wier wrote:
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Starlord wrote:

Well, I'm out of action for awhile. The winds had died down,
so I put the last of my stuff on the wagon and started up
20th ST West. About 1/2 the way between the last house near
this park and the next RV park up the street, I heard a car
coming up behind me, so I just made sure I was as far to the
right as I could be and still be on the road. Then it happened,
the car when by and I turned to look just in time to see a
freaking teen in white shirt and shaved head leaning out the
car window push my whole scope over and then the car peeled

Damages: Main mirror off it's cell, Foucer busted off,
got to check out telrad, 2nd mirror spider bent and mirror
chipped, Rockerbox needs repaired.

So this week I'll be repairing things and hope to have it
all together next weekend.

I would like to make a match-pledge of $250 to the Bishop Car Fund.
If other SAA'ers contribute, I will match their contributions up to a total of $250. Your $250 and my $250 should make an impact on the vehicle, and hopefully, we can put this silliness behind us for awhile. I think the Lone Sidewalk Astronomer of Rosamond needs a little jump start.
What say you?

Uncle Bob

I'll go for $100 of that after the 1st (next Monday). Give me a name to put on the check and a mailing address.
[email protected]

I would like to follow up on my own post.

A while back I seem to remember a post by someone that was not positive as to Starlord. I would appreciate it if a well known regular (could be any with good news group skills) would make sure that there is no obvious connection (posting from same computer, living in same city or town, etc.) between Starlord, Uncle Bob, Wayne, myself, etc.

Obviously, any donations would get to Starlord, but I would feel psychologically defrauded. If any well known disinterested regular would check this out and the results are positive, I would consider increasing my pledge. Let's check it out first and then dip into Uncle's deep pockets. :-)


FWIW, Uncle Bob lives in Fairfax, CA, north of San Francisco. Starlord (Dennis Bishop) lives in Rosamond, CA, in the mojave area. I see we're up to about $300 if everyone delivers on their pledges (I think). I know Dennis really lives in Rosamond, because he received some CD's I mailed to him a few months ago. I've never actually met him. Uncle Bob is also on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers, if that helps my credibility. You may find some reference to me on their website or their newsletters. ( You can give me a call, if you wish. My number is in the phone book for Marin County CA (Fairfax).
Warmest Regards,
Uncle Bob (Robert English)
Fairfax, CA

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