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Re: Latest on Newport Tower dig

Subject: Re: Latest on Newport Tower dig
From: "Tedd Jacobs"
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 19:58:01 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
"Eric Stevens" wrote...
> On Wed, 6 Dec 2006 00:10:37 -0700, "Tedd Jacobs"
> <[email protected]> wrote:
>>"Eric Stevens" wrote...
>>> On Tue, 5 Dec 2006 17:32:03 -0700, "Tedd Jacobs"
>>> <[email protected]> wrote:
>>>>"Eric Stevens" wrote...
>>>>> If archaeological investigations are not carried out for the purpose
>>>>> of indulging someone's curiousity, then what are they fore. Have they
>>>>> become a mere ritual task intended to purify the way for the
>>>>> contractor's bulldozer? Surely not but I fear that's what is
>>>>> happening.
>>>>this is probably the most asinine statement i have ever seen emit from
>>> I suggest you reconsider.
>>okay, it's the second most asinine statement i have ever seen emit from 
>>postings.  that better?
> Evasion of the question noted.

wantful ignorance of archaeology and unwillingness to accept archaeologists 
concept of what archaeologists do and what archaeology is, noted (again).

> What is it that has made you take up archaeology? Are you saying that
> you are not looking for answers?

as a graduate student, i deal with the 'curiosity' issue on a regular basis 
from public and undergrads.  they are less educated than you and yet open 
enough to still wrap their minds around concepts you ademently refuse to 
accept.  the easiest way i can spell this out is:  you, as an engineer, are 
going to tell archaeologist how to do archaeology and what archaeology is 
based upon you think/want/wish/whim archaeology to be.  it doesnt work that 
way and every time someone here tries to explain to you the reasons why, you 
fall back on the same behavior and tactics (polarization, word games, and 
squink).  it is for these reasons i refuse to even bother trying to help you 
understand or even discuss it with you when you get like this.  tom is still 
the patron saint of patience and i would suggest listening to him more than 
arguing with others.  (and as a hint-- your line of questioning in most of 
these posts is combative, not out of a desire to understand, combativeness 
begs negitivity).


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