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Re: What are your 3 favorite historic civilizations and why?

Subject: Re: What are your 3 favorite historic civilizations and why?
From: VtSkier
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 11:53:48 -0500
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology, soc.history.ancient, alt.history.british, soc.history.medieval, alt.history
Martin Edwards wrote:
VtSkier wrote:
Renia wrote:

prd wrote:

In sci.archaeology message news:[email protected] by "C. Morgan" <[email protected]> . . . :

1)  The Atlantean culture, because it predates all others known.

2) The Kingdom of Cimmeria, because their barbarian hordes were the most
powerful vicious fighters in history.

3)  The Isle of Avalon, because there are so many mysteries yet to be
unraveled there.

You forgot Inner Earth.

Or Middle Earth.

No, not synonymous. Inner Earth is part of the
Hollow Earth Theory.

Middle Earth is "middle" as in "time", that is
"Old Earth", "Middle Earth", and "New Earth" or
"Modern Earth".

Nothing gets past this guy.

So I was in my optometrist's office having my eyes examined
for a possible change of prescription. Getting all done, I
put my old (only 2 years old) glasses back on and the Doc
asked me to read the smallest type I could on the card that
handed me.

So I read the copyright notice.

He then said, "Nothing much gets by you, does it?"

Or, said another way, thanks for noticing. I am a
fan of Fantasy litterature.

This thread interests me, so I read all of the posts
to it.

Funny that no one has come up Erewhon yet.

This name is an anagram or a reversal and the writer,
Samuel Butler, was satirizing Victorian society.

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