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Re: What are your 3 favorite historic civilizations and why?

Subject: Re: What are your 3 favorite historic civilizations and why?
From: prd
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 01:29:52 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology, soc.history.ancient, alt.history.british, soc.history.medieval, alt.history
In sci.archaeology message  news:[email protected] 
by Doug Weller <[email protected]>  . . . :

> On 22 Dec 2006 03:01:20 -0800, in sci.archaeology, Jack Linthicum wrote:
>>Greg wrote:
>>> What are your 1 - 3 personal favorite historic civilizations and
>>> please say why, for each one named.
>>> Mine are :
>>> Indus Valley civilisation, amazing : prolific traders with diplomatic
>>> contacts among many other great civilisations, consummate engineers,
>>> artisans, farmers, architects and elements of their culture seem to
>>> have given rise to the great mythological and philosophical systems of
>>> northern India.
>>> Akkadian Empire, badass conquerors, but also adapted the scientific,
>>> mythological and literary achievements of their Sumerian predecessors.
>>>  They also had wide-ranging trade and diplomatic contacts with Egypt,
>>> Bahrain, India, Cyprus etc.
>>> Hittite Empire, so much of our Western culture can be traced back to
>>> them and their influence on classical civilisations. Their adaptation
>>> of Hurrian culture is fascinating, as is their mythology, warfare,
>>> craftsmanship, literature.
>>1. Minoan as exemplified by the murals at Akrotiri
>>2. Mu
>>3. the Sea going people of the Pacific, Polynesian, Melanesian,
> Mu?  Even more fictional than Atlantis.
> We don't seem to have defined civilization either -- 3, your sea-going
> people, don't fit within the definitions usually used by archaeologists,
> you know, cities, standing army, class structure, etc. 
> One of my favorite fictional civilizations is Lyra's world, love the
> 'daemons'.
> DOug

Somebody take the nog out of Dougies hand. 

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