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Re: Noah's Flood conference....

Subject: Re: Noah's Flood conference....
From: "Day Brown"
Date: 14 Dec 2006 12:00:26 -0800
Newsgroups:, sci.archaeology
On Dec 14, 11:56 am, Doug Weller <[email protected]>
> On Wed, 13 Dec 2006 20:54:00 -0800, in sci.archaeology, Lorne Turner
> wrote:
> >how did Noah get bees onto the Ark?
> >did Noah and his family interbreed with each other to repopulate the earth?
> >what did the animals eat when they left the Ark since the deluge wiped out
> >all vegetation?
> >did Noah go to the South Pole to get penguins?ROTFL.  Day Brown is just 
> >another of the many people who play fast and
> loose with the evidence (in fact she rarely is interested in evidence) to
> bolster their own personal way of looking at the world.  She's done that
> here.
In the first place, speaking of fast and loose with the facts, what
evidence do you have that I am female?
I'm putting up a new website which should have my photo at the bottom
of the front page.

Secondly, speaking fast and loose with the facts, the websites I posted
were not from crank crackpots, but NOAA, Natl. Geo, and the GSA
academic meeting which presented 15 *scientific* papers that mention or
relate to the Great Flood. Now, if you can provide a more recent
syposium where geologists and archaeologists have presented their data
on the issue of the Great Flood myth origin, we'd all be grateful.

There has been a general call for more data; much of what was presented
was somewhat contradictory. The re-calibaration of C-14, for instance,
has confused the issue of just what happened when, altho, when you add
it all up, there certainly was a lot going on in the 6th mil that has
not gone on since. Ballantine & Oswald speak of the PIE "unity" in this
era; Mallory, Campbell, Gimbutas and many others never actually say so,
but assume we all know there was a 'nation' of "Indo-Europeans" or
"Aryans". But the DNA data now reveals there never was any "pure Aryan"
race, but rather a process of assimilation of people and technologies
mentioned by Mallory.

It looks a lot like what we see today. If, several millennia hence,
archaeolgists were to look at our middens, they mite think that English
speakers conquered the whole world, when in fact the practicalities of
mercantile activities has made it ubiquitous. The original Aryans were
not a nation, but a lifestyle characterized by matriarchy which accepts
new ideas from strange men far more than patriarchy does. Male egos
dont permit these kinds of changes, but rely on the power of the sword
to enforce their own traditions on others often wiping out technologies
such as the barbarians did after the fall of Rome.

Doug seems to take these issues personally, which is typical of male

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