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Re: Masse on the 'Flood Comet' and the reign of Semerkhet

Subject: Re: Masse on the 'Flood Comet' and the reign of Semerkhet
From: Doug Weller
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 18:22:57 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
On Tue, 21 Nov 2006 05:30:27 -0600, in sci.archaeology,
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>In article <[email protected]>, 
>[email protected] (Eric Stevens) wrote:
>>  which is currently dated by many Egyptologists to between 
>> about 2950-2920 and 2800-2770 BC [172, 205]
> And the latest King list I can find (2001) dates it to 
>> and to assign an arbitrarily equal reign to each of the eight > 
>kings of this dynasty,
> Which is a big assumption.
>> Among the indicators of a untimely end for Semerkhet is the > 
>fact that of all of the First Dynasty Kings and the first two > 
>kings of the Second Dynasty, he is the only one not to be > 
>represented by a mastaba tomb at Saqqara [84]. 
> There are other possible reasons. The reign name of the Pharaoh 
>usually had religious significance. Semerkhet is significantly 
>different from other kings of the First and Second dynasty 
>indicating a possible difference of religion with a 
>correspondingly different burial practice. Compare with 
>Akentaton. This would also account for signs and portents during 
>the reign.
>> First Dynasty structures consistently show the
>> effects of intentional burning, and most, especially those at 
>> Helwan, appear to have been razed.
> Perhaps this indicates the transition from First to Second 
>Dynasty was not voluntary. Or that early Second Dynasty rulers 
>were worried about the magical effect of First Dynasty 
>inscriptions. An impact big enough to raze some structures would 
>raze them all for a distance from the impact point, the pattern 
>would be clear. Besides an impact that great would have destroyed 
>Egypt completely, not left something for the Second Dynasty, 
>Mastaba tombs were tough. 

I think the claimed impact is in the Indian Ocean, and that the effect on
the area of Egypt was on rainfall, etc.

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