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Re: Masse on the 'Flood Comet' and the reign of Semerkhet

Subject: Re: Masse on the 'Flood Comet' and the reign of Semerkhet
From: "Day Brown"
Date: 26 Nov 2006 11:31:21 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology, soc.history.ancient
This is a newsgroup, not a courtroom. There is no way that anyone could
present "evidence" to prove a point because each of us, not the judge,
getsta decide what "evidence" is.

Regarding the Holocaust debunkers, I notice that there are no attempts
to debunk the claims that the Japs killed 12 million, or that Stalin
and Mao murdered 50 million each. It begs the question of why claims
that the Nazis killed only 6 million needs more proof. I grant that the
Jews have made rather more in the media of their looses, but until I
see someone debunk all these other genocides as well, their remarks
will be written off simply as anti-Semetic.

As for Santorini & Egypt. the immediate drift of ash did not
significantly effect the Nile delta. And while the climatic effects in
the Northern Hemisphere may have been devastatin, lets remember that
Egypt relies on the *Nile*, not rainfall. The effect on the watershed
of the Nile was driven by equatorial trade winds, not the prevailing
westerlies of the Northern Hemisphere.

The story of Joseph, and the devastating drought further north driving
people down into Egypt could well have derived from the effects of
Santorini. But by the time the ash could have gotten over the Indian
ocean to affect the Nile watershed, it would have been very thinly
dispersed with far less impact.

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