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Re: Masse on the 'Flood Comet' and the reign of Semerkhet

Subject: Re: Masse on the 'Flood Comet' and the reign of Semerkhet
From: "JTEM"
Date: 24 Nov 2006 16:31:44 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology, soc.history.ancient
Doug Weller wrote:

> Lowered Nile floods are acknowledged and seen
> as possible causes of change.

Major volcanic eruptions, large meteorites could easily
cause lower rainfall south of Egypt.

> What do you mean by destruction of Crete? If you mean the
> Santorini explosion, that didn't destroy Crete, although it led
> eventually, not at once, to the end of Minoan civilization.

Egyptology is currently centered on the idea that the Santorini
erruption destroyed the minoan civilization along with Crete.

I am fully aware of the more current dating which places these
two events far apart. I was simply acknowledging the fact that
Egyptology does not accept the current dating.

> Or do you mean the earlier earthquake?

There appears to have been a major eruption or impact that
coincided fairly nicely with the collapse of the old kingdom.

Santorini's current dating places it wihtin range of the Egyptian
second intermediate period, as well as a similar collapse in
China. The third intermediate period coincides with a region-wide

No, I can't "prove" that any major volcano or meteorite caused
problems in Egypt. But the fact remains, such events did take
place during Egypt's 3,000 year history, and they had to have
had an enormous implications. If Egyptology can not identify
such events, it has to be wrong. 

They did take place.

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