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Re: The Issue of Ireland and NW Europe.

Subject: Re: The Issue of Ireland and NW Europe.
From: "Peter Alaca"
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 11:33:41 +0200
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
prd wrote: news:[email protected]
"Peter Alaca"...

I didn't say that you should be ashamed about
your posting habit, but you in fact accused all
the people in this group (thereby excluding
yourself) of racism because of their posting habit,
and it appeared that your postinghabit was the same.

No peter I begged the question why you were supposed
to go back and explain your posting patterns,

I had nothing to explain. I posted a list with published
archaeological subjects, that's all.

instead I had to do it for you.

What the hell are you talking about
and who the hell do you think you are?

I was real explicit, I broke down post and showed
that the bulk of significance could be attributed to

Where did you do that?
I must have missed that.

it was hyperbole, my intent was to
get you to reply to my observation with a counter
observation, unfortunately you created
excuses as to why a small fraction were not
what I though they were.

You mean your anticipations didn't work out?
What a shame!

 The big picture is that you play
footsies with inger, directly and indirectly.
So it was a bit of fun to play footsies with

The Saxons, Danes and Brits
are our 'brothers'. I don't think you
(can) understand that.

You need to state the obvious? Americans aren't all that daft
on geography. The whole world is my 'brothers'.

No, the whole world are your 'boys'

I live in my native land amoungst strangers of all kind
so that I am now the estranged.
They consider their home where they were born far away
but for me only where I hang my hat.

You realy have no clue what I was saying.

and you are acting in a racist way.

I am not acting in a racist way. I am not
acting the way you like. And I don't like
to be called a racist.

But you don't mind tit-for-tating with one
that is. And you obviously didn't think it would be
brought up otherwise you would not have
compiled the list. OK. All I did was parse it.

Again, who do you think you are?.
I compiled a list because I liked to know what
the archaeological content of scia was.
I started that before any stinking rabbit appeared.
In other groups monthly statistics are published,
but I still don't know an easy way to do it for scia.
Now I have made this list for 2006 until the
beginning of August, it is an opportunity to start
with a monthly list with new subjects, perhaps all

I am not stupid I know you are allowing Inger
to draw responses out of you either in the direct
or indirect sense, but you have to think about
broadly how it does to the newsgroup.

Sometimes my posting are indeed triggered by Ingers
bullshit (I am not talking about the more obvious
responses of course), and in that sense they are
functioning as counterweight. But it is always quality
archaeology, worth posting anyway. I see that as an
advantage for the group. You forget - Tom pointed
that out more than once- that Ingers presence in this
group is not only negative. Precisely the need felt
by me to dispute her outrageous claims based on
gross ignorance, brought me to areas formerly unknown
to me: Scandinavia, Iceland Greenland, North America,
with all the scientific sources that came with it.
And I am sure that Tom and I are not alone.
I have learned a lot. Perhaps it was not all archaeology
in the strict sense, but who cares, but you?

I am not a netcop, but I should consider that when
some of you guys are criticizing me I also have to
see your perspective. Its not that you have a given
perspective, its that you often don't go out of the way
to show you have something broader, such as a perspective
of the worldly nature. And if you don't what specifically
should one infer from that, that you love european
archaeology or hate world archaeology.

I don't hate world archaeology, but I live in Europe,
I am educated in Europe, and the fundamentals of
European archaeology are the same as those in
Asia, America, Australia and Antarctica.
You are the narrow minded one. If you see a post
about an Iris excavation, you see Ireland, while I see
excavation. If you see a post "Archaeology and Coastal
Change in the Netherlands", you see Holland an Europe,
while I see the interaction between prehistoric man and

We are all fond of your replies, but I have to say after a time
what is the point? Do you accomplish something nobel
by stalemating the mdm?
 Look dude do what you like, this is the UseNet, OK
but if you criticize me, just remember there is also ground
for critiques. OK. I am free to criticize sceince and not
be attacked like the KKK. And personally all of you should
have considered the critique more carefully.

I think it is typical that it doesn't cross your mind
that you perhaps stand completely alone with your
critique, and that it is perhaps the way you express
your critique that caused this hatred and deafening
silence. Think about that Phil.
You hurt me personally and as a member of this
group. That is not easy to forget.

The worst thing of all, you guys have not read the
charter for this group or for similar science groups.
You cop me for criticizing the science, but do you
criticize your self for bringin in here obviously historical
or anthropology issues as a defense against some garbage?

Yes Phil, it's good Phil, start criticizing yourself Phil.


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