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Re: Winter solstice information for Vinland in Hauksbok

Subject: Re: Winter solstice information for Vinland in Hauksbok
From: "Alan Crozier"
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 21:56:07 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
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> > Tom McDonald wrote:
> >
> > > While we disagree on some of the edges of on-topicality
> > > to archaeology in sa, I think we both agree that we are
> > > better-served with freer access to information, and a
> > > forthcoming attitude to these conversations.
> >
> > Sorry to break in... I'm sure we're all in total agreement,
> > and all a-twitter to read the forthcoming revelations.  I mean
> > the archaeological ones describing how Native-Americans
> > introduced sour cream and onions to the Scandinavian
> > solstice dance scene. Mid 1300's, ya think?
> NO NO NO. You don't get it at all. You belive that I said that the
> transmission/diffusion went from old to new world?

If you read carefully, you will see that Lloyd said the opposite: that
the custom was transmitted to Scandinavians by the Native Americans.

> That's completely out of
> the question but the other way works better and from 1120's if you
> closer at some of the species and some of the usage of this and that
> in other parts of Europe can't be found until at least end of 1400's.
> There is some things like ironproduction which I honestly believe to
> been introduced from Europe to NA, so is some fruits, but for most I
see a
> different direction. I can't help noticing that it's same pattern used
> our 'Vikings' and later descendants of them. That pattern seem to have
> to 'include' good food-preservations, good food combinations as well
> species, vegetables and meat used but to change a small detail and
then say
> that it's typical 'Scandinavian'.....


Alan Crozier

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