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Re: A question...

Subject: Re: A question...
From: Seppo Renfors
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 01:23:43 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology, sci.lang
"Peter T. Daniels" wrote:
> Matt Giwer wrote:
> >
> > Seppo Renfors wrote:
> > >
> > > "Peter T. Daniels" wrote:
> > >
> > >>Hard to believe, but in these two postings "seppo" proves itself even
> > >>stupider than "giwer."
> >
> > > It is EXACTLY this sort of crap that makes Peter Daniels a total LOSER
> > > and NOT WORTHY of listening to, or taking seriously in any way. It
> > > can't even hold a candle up in the one area it claims some passing
> > > knowledge in and NEEDS to resort to abuse!!
> >
> >         I do not know your side of this as I have not read the thread. But 
> > he has
> > posted to me that a "jewess" would pervert archaeology to support judaism.

Not knowing that issue, I won't deal with it.
> No, I pointed out that the antisemite was, ironically, relying on his
> misinterpretation of the work of a Jewish woman scholar -- whom he would
> conceptualize with that derogatory suffix -- to bolster his mad
> misprision of archeological data.

Of course that above is merely another OPINION without weight.

> Legions have devoted vast bandwidth to demonstrating the intellectual
> vacuity of the "seppo" identity.

WHY it is without weight is seen above - the poor bastard CANNOT do
other than resort to abuse when it has no answers! THAT is why it has
no respect and deserves none.

SIR - Philosopher unauthorised 
The one who is educated from the wrong books is not educated, he is

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