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Re: Old paradigm is rocking!

Subject: Re: Old paradigm is rocking!
From: "Peter Alaca"
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 23:28:10 +0100
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
IE J wrote: news:[email protected]
"Alan Crozier" <[email protected]> skrev i meddelandet

I think the author means that they explored widely along the
Atlantic coast. No paradigms shaking there.

NO he most certainly doesn't!

Do you know him personally

I guess that this show the difference between a scholar of Linguistic
and a scholar of History.

AFAIK the author Michael Cohn is no historian
but probably some kind of linguist.
And he is a fiction writer with the vikings as subject.

In the education from BA up (C-essay needed
for BA, D-essay/thesis needed for MA together with a certain amount
of points for each degree) in other word: among the courses needed to
be able to write a C-essay as well as essay/thesis above one need to
be able to validate the text. What you missed is that the writer
wrote: "...scattered finds of Norse artifacts from northern Maine to
Hudson Bay, .... " In his first paragraph's second sentence.

The first paragraph is usually either a summery of what's to come or
a more careful explination of what the scholar refer to in the
article below.
Since he did that and continued with: "......make it almost certain
that Norse ships probably based at Greenland explored America widely,
both in space and time.... " in same paragraph, it's hard to
understand it otherwise that he by that meant that the Norse ships
explored America at least from northern Maine to Hudson Bay.

It only means that the author wrote that.
But what is the evidence?

In other words by no means does the scholar behind such a paragraph
indicate that he meant the eastcoast!!!!!
More than the Old paradigm rocking - it's a complete chaos for that

It is a complete chaos in your head.
Take care of your old paradigm.



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