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Re: N&W on Kalm on Verendrye

Subject: Re: N&W on Kalm on Verendrye
From: "Alan Crozier"
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 21:30:11 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
"t(nospam)kavanagh" <"tkavanag"@(nospam)> wrote in
message news:[email protected]
> IE J wrote:
> >
> > "t(nospam)kavanagh" <"tkavanag"@(nospam)> skrev i
> > news:[email protected]
> > > IE J wrote:
> > > >
> > > > quick question tk - exactly which pages of volume 4
> > > > you like to have  translated? I can mail Alan C quotes
in > Swedish if
> > he hasn't access to it. I have it by my side.
> > >
> > > Oh, nothing much, just the whole thing, all four volumes.
You keep
> > > insisting that the 1770 English translation is
incomplete/incorrect, but
> > > you won't say how. We already know that it compressed the
original three
> > > volumes into two volumes by eliminating non-North American
> > >
> > > My question is, is there anything in Vol. 4 that could
possibly be of
> > > importance to NA studies, cast broadly? We can only know
that by
> > > examining the whole volume. I wouldn't ask Alan to
translate the whole
> > > thing, but I eagerly await an academic/scholarly
> > >
> > > tk
> >
> > There are four parts which definitely are of interest to NA
studies. Let's
> > ask Alan if he has access to the volume, if not I can send
him the pages in
> > question so he can decide which parts that might be of
importance even
> > before all volume 4 been translated.
> Don't bother Alan. I'll wait for the whole volume(s)

Thanks, tk, I have plenty of translation to do as it is.

And to Inger: I returned the Kalm volumes to the University
Library a long time ago

And to everyone: All these editions of Kalm's accounts of his
time in North America seem to be a bit of a bibliographical
jungle which I don't feel inclined to enter. As far as I
understand it, Kalm kept a diary while on his travels but when
he got back he edited that in a readable form as En Resa til
Norra America (3 vols, Stockholm, 1753-1761). That was then
translated into English as Travels into North America and also
appeared in French. Much more recently, Kalm's complete journal
(the notes on which he based the book) has been edited in four
volumes published in Helsinki, Resejournal över resan till norra
Amerika (1966-1988).

It would help if people in future specified whether they mean
the BOOK or the JOURNAL. And if Inger has found anything
relevant in the journal that isn't in the book (whether the
Swedish or the English version), then she can send it to me and
I MIGHT translate it. OK?


Alan Crozier

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