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Late Bronze Age lake-dwellers of Lithuania

Subject: Late Bronze Age lake-dwellers of Lithuania
From: "Peter Alaca"
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 14:19:01 +0200
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
F. Menotti et al (2005)
"The First lake-dwellers of Lithuania:
 Late Bronze Age pile settlements on Lake Luokesas"

Oxford Journal Of Archaeology 24(4):381-403  [pdf, 23 pp, 670 kb]

 " Lake Luokesas in Lithuania has become the
   centre of attention in northern European wetland
   archaeological research after the discovery of
   two Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age pile
   dwellings. Their unique location, chronology and
   building techniques have the potential to
   revolutionise our understanding of important
   aspects of wetland communities in later
   prehistoric Europe."

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