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Re: Anatase

Subject: Re: Anatase
From: "Peter Alaca"
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 09:21:11 +0200
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
Tom McDonald wrote: news:[email protected]

George wrote:
Lisbeth Andersson wrote:
"Peter Alaca" <[email protected]> wrote in

IE J wrote: news:[email protected]
"George" skrev
IE J wrote:

if you continue your abuse as well as your stalking-campain you
know what you will have to face,
stop your dridle!

And you know how we cannot bide dridle in newsgroups...

the only one of us two who does what you try to say I do,
is you. You have dridled and abused many over the years,
not only me. During the last year you tried to tell
Professors(plural) that they don't know their own speciality.
Wouldn't it be better that you stopped writing abuse and dridle?

Since you claim to speak and write nine languages,
Im am sure you can tell us what "dridle" is, esp in
the context you use is, or in what dictionairy we can
find the meaning of the word.

On the off chance that that you don't get any answer to this post,
could you please explain the significance of the word? I tried to
google for it, but gave it up when i found myself reading a mormon
discussion about the importance (or non importance) of wearing dress
to church. I don't think it is inappropriate to wear a dridle dress
in this newsgroup. :-)

And while I'm busy asking stupid questions; What is the deal about

Eviidently a dridle is part of an early Russian saddle.  But nowhere
does it explain as to what part of the saddle.

If the saddle belonged to Catherine the Great, I could make a guess.

Is a horse part of the saddle it carries?


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