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Re: N&W on Kalm on Verendrye

Subject: Re: N&W on Kalm on Verendrye
From: "Peter Alaca"
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 23:55:08 +0100
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
Alan Crozier wrote: news:[email protected]
> "IE J" wrote in message

it's not only a theory out of the blue. I suggest you to read "Pehr
Kalms brev till samtida. " 2 volumes,
"Pehr Kalms Resa till Norra Amerika / å nyo utgiven av Fredr.
Elfving och Georg Schauman
Helsingfors, edited 1904-1929, 4 volumes"

I am pretty sure that if you read those you would agree that it's
the only possible theory.

So why didn't the editors Roos and Kogerus notice this? They
must have slept through their work. Is that what you meant by
"without editor's hand on" when you wrote this in February last

"It's in volume 4. I sent the ISBN number  in an answer to tk.
here it is once more: 951-9018-43-3 editor svenska
litteratursällskapet i Finland, edited
Helsingfors 1988. The full journal of volume 4 without editor's
hand on has been edited by John E Roos and Harry Krogerus in
1988. I am sorry but I don't have the ISBN number for that work"

That's a confusing message, because you quoted the ISBN of the
book and then said you didn't have the ISBN. But it's easy to
get lost in this jungle, as I have done. Why did the version of
"Resa till Norra Amerika" reissued by Elfving & Schauman have
four volumes when the first edition had only three?


It is a jungle

Book Review:
The America of 1750. Peter Kalm's Travels
in North America, edited by Adolph B. Benson,
New York, 1937, Vo1. I, pp. xviii+380, Vol. II,
pp. 381-797.
Yes, a review of the 1937 English edition.

   The official Swedish account of Kalm's American
   trip, En Resa till Norra Amerika, appeared in three
   volumes in Stockholm, 1753-1761. The manuscript
   of a fourth volume was finished but never published
   and was finally destroyed in a fire at Åbo in 1827.
   A few years ago, however, the diary notes for this
   unpublished part were discovered in the University
   Library at Helsinki by George Schauman and were
   later edited and published in their original form by
   Fred Elfving in 1929. This part is now offered in
   English for the first time. In the interim the first
   three parts had been republished also, in Swedish,
   by Elfving and Schauman, 1904-1915.

   The present version is the first exclusively
   American edition of Kalm's Travels in English and
   the first one dealing with the part on the United
   States and Canada to appear in America. The part
   on Norway and England has been omitted


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