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Re: Re: Modern Anthropology and its Political Agendas

Subject: Re: Re: Modern Anthropology and its Political Agendas
From: Topaz
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 21:40:36 -0500
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology,,, sci.anthropology.paleo
  Many people think they arrive at their own ideas all by themselves,
when in fact their ideas are usually made for them by Hollywood. Take
two movies that are anti-leadership propaganda, Gladiator, and

  In Gladiator they show a corrupt leader of Rome, but would it be
corrupt if Maximus was the leader? That would be much better than
having the lame senators running Rome. And of course in Braveheart the
Scots should have made William their leader. If he was the leader he
could have put the corrupt nobles in their place. 

     The purpose of the propaganda is to stop good people from wanting
power. The people who have the real power now, the bankers and the
media, are not threatened in the least by libertarians. But if there
was a leader that was really for the people they know they would be
put in their place.

   In democracies money talks and those who can buy TV stations are
the rulers. These rulers don't even claim to be for anything but their
own profits and interests.  People are much better off with a good
leader who has power above the money power.

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