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Re: The Israel Lobby and American Mideast Policy

Subject: Re: The Israel Lobby and American Mideast Policy
From: "Robert Cohen"
Date: 27 Mar 2006 12:12:24 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology, alt.philosophy,, talk.philosophy.misc
re: the Palestine case, Sean's rationale, and the rational paranoia of
Israelis & Jews like me

Good description, at least from an humanist third-party's pov.

Since Jews &  Israelis are not of one mind, I could not expect Moslems
& Palestinians to be of a single perspective.

The idea that Israel is the dominant factor or in the drivers seat(s)
of the Middle East and/or in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict/situation
holds enough interim truth that the lobbyists for Israel must/want/need
to maintain, though I personally hold the petro-dollar interdependency
situation may ultimately be politically-economically critical/decisive,
ultimately probably causing the end of Israel's existence. And I can't
see much change, because there is a catch 22  in the dollar-oil
interdependency, along with everything else that is happening that
makes Jews more fearful than normal.

If others reading this slant/rant do not get it nor agree with my
fearful version of realism, then I couldn't expect people who may think
ideology/idealism & liberalistic political correctness are the ultimate
means to the similarly moral goals for humanity to achieve/be.

I perceive the situation is now/nearing hopelessness, and the
fencing-off (a la The Middle Ages) is an indication or emblem of

You won't hear this benediction at the next optimist club banquest; but
you did hear it from me today.

Because, if it wren't, their enemies would take 'em

I hereby project that the Darfur genocide is illustrative of the
prevalent/predominant/ enemy

Would it weren't so, though the cold-blooded daily murderings going-on
in Iraq is another perfectly reasonable Israeli fear
 to not be discounted/written-off.

As I say: A third party may moralize 7/24, while Jewish people have
actual reasons-to-fear they'll be the dogfood of the orchestrated sobs
murdering the Darfurans.

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