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Some of Marc's Hypothesis

Subject: Some of Marc's Hypothesis
From: "Chapstick"
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 01:19:45 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
Below is a list of some of Marc's hypothesis from a different thread here on 
sap.  I thought I would give my two cents worth.  --chap

>4) I have a lot of hypotheses (all based on facts), which >are often
> independent from each other, should not be confused with each other & be
> discussed apart, eg, from more to less probable:
> - The classic savanna theories are ridiculous nonsense.
> - Homo after the split with Pan dived for sessile foods once.
> - Human ancestors were always strongly waterside.
> - H.erectus dispersed along coasts, rivers etc.
> - Apiths were predom.herbivores of calorie-poor plants.
> - Apith diet included sedges/papyrus/bamboo (eg, in the "poor" season).
> - Apith bipedality (partial, short-legged...) was very different from our
> own.
> - The Homo-Pan LCA already was a partial biped.
> - Human ancestors lived in S.Asia 4-3 Ma (& possibly for a much longer 
> time
> span).
> - Stones & bones preserve well, so butchering is overestimated in human
> evolution.
> - Human ancestors never were predom.carnivores (except perhaps shellfish,
> seals...).
> - Apiths were not closer to humans genetically than to gorillas or chimps.
> - (All?) archaic Homo were parttime divers (at least in some seasons).
> - (All?) archaic Homo (eg, Petralona) regularly floated on their backs.
> - The Homo-Pan LCA was predom. a vertical wader-climber.
> - A.africanus & robustus belong to the genus Pan.
> - A.anamensis-afarensis-aethiopicus-boisei belong to Gorilla.
> - Early H.sapiens were still parttime waders (eg, fishing with harpoons or
> nets).
> - Etc.
> --Marc Verhaegen

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