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Re: Possible interbreeding of HS and preexisting populations

Subject: Re: Possible interbreeding of HS and preexisting populations
From: "deowll"
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 20:55:10 -0500
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
"Lee Olsen" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]
Paul Crowley wrote:

> The problem with permafrost (from the point
> of view of polar bears and all other mammals)
> is that NOTHING grows.  So there is NOTHING
> to eat.  That makes life tough.  (How can
> I explain this to you?  Hmmm . . . tricky . . . )

Why don't you try a little science, instead of imagination?

Major Premise:
"Engineers would have buried the entire pipeline had it not been for
permafrostópermanently-frozen soil lying in sheets and wedges beneath
the ground surface. The pipeline couldn't be buried in permafrost
because the heat of the oil would cause the icy soil to melt. The pipe
would then sag, and possibly leak. Because much of Alaska is underlain
with permafrost, Alyeska routed just over half the pipeline above

Minor Premise:
It follows then that everywhere the pipeline is above ground,
permafrost lies below it. Anywhere there is grass and pipe there is
permafrost below it.

Tons of grass for that critter to eat and he/she is standing above
permafrost. Now that particular creature does migrate, others do not. I
can't get you a picture of a woolly mammoth standing under the pipeline
in winter using his tusks to clear away the snow to get the feed under
it because there are no mammoths  left. Just the same permafrost equals

You might want to do a little more reading on that. Try diet reindeer. You 
might want to check out reindeer moss which isn't a moss.

<snip rest of  nonscience nonsense. If you can't grasp the simplest of
things, there is no reason to procced to the more complicated issues.>

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