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Re: Forum for rational scientific debate?

Subject: Re: Forum for rational scientific debate?
Date: 30 Jun 2006 06:57:08 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
rmacfarl wrote:
> rmacfarl wrote:
> > Jois wrote:
> > > <[email protected]> wrote in message
> By the way, according to my VirusScan software, Richard's "Reply to
> John Hawks" web page has a virus embedded in it...
> Ross Macfarlane

Viruses from

Apologies for that, and many thanks for advising me. I was completely
unaware of any viruses until early May, when I updated the whole lot.
They are now all clean, or should be. Except that one.

'Reply to John Hawks' was, I thought, effectively banished to outer
darkness by being left off the index page, so you must have accessed it
from somewhere else.

That's what comes of having to use dodgy Filipino internet caffs to
upload my site files, and download others, and of having a totally
ineffective virus scan system then.

If you haven't looked at the site recently, there are a whole lot of
new pages, hopefully without too much 'wet ape' excesses, or other
viruses. Try it and see.

but do View Refresh to make sure your computer's not just dishing up
the old one it's been storing for some time

The old, clean, Reply to John Hawks is at:
if you think it might be worth reading.



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