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Re: Dry conditions

Subject: Re: Dry conditions
From: "Mario Petrinovich"
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 11:22:13 +0200
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
>Mario Petrinovich:
> ` nickname:
> ` > How did grass eating dinosaurs survive without grassland? No monkeys
> ` > at that time, AFAIK. DD
> `         Don't know about life on trees, but there wasn't grass eating
> ` dinosaurs. If you take a look at dino teeth, you will see that they are
> ` made
> ` to strip fern. This is what they ate. There wasn't geassland, there
> ` wasn't grassland living animals.
> `         This is what I am talking about all the time. Grassland emerged
> ` immidiately before we have finds of first bipedals. And, look at that,
> ` grassland is maintained by fire started by bipedals (us), and bipedals
> ` are
> ` fire using, and cooked food eating species. Now, what a coincidence.
> Ya gotta keep up, the past is changing fast:

        Yes, I knew about this.
        There were grasses everywhere. At the edge of water, marshes, lakes
(they've mentioned rice and bamboos in that article), at great highs, here
and there. Some of them rized from water, some of them were in tiny cups,
few and far apart. From which species savanna grass evolved, I am not expert
for this, so I don't know. But, if we are talking about savanna-like
ecology, this ecology is recent.
        First oocurance of similar thing I think it was at the time and
place of Ouranopithecus, east Mediteranean, Macedonia and Anatolia. We don't
have much bones from Ouranopithecus, but from little we have, it shows
similarities to bipedals. -- Mario 

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