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Re: Terra firma hominids

Subject: Re: Terra firma hominids
From: "Marc Verhaegen"
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 19:43:46 +0200
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
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> Lee, I've never heard of a savanna with tide pools. Are you including
> the Indian-Atlantic-Pacific-Southern Oceanic realm as part of the
> Savanna? If so, I agree with everything you've stated thus far,
> especially whales, and manatees as well, everybody knows manatees are
> savanna animals, they're in Africa for petes sake.
> Speaking of UFOs, why is Earth called the water planet, while Mars
> isn't? Doesn't Mars derive from the same root word as
> mire/moor/marine/maritime etc. I think even the Ituri pygmies refer to
> water as mar or mai or so, and they're rather far from the world's
> oceans. Anyway, if the description of savanna includes the world's
> beaches, then obviously savanna is the ticket. I have no problem with
> that. Earth: the savanna planet. Oh yeah.  DD

Lee thinks everything is savanna.   FHI: When we compare the
behavior-anatomy-physiology-DNA of living humans with chimps & other
animals, it's clear that our ancestors (genus Homo) once had shoreline
adaptations: collection of coconuts, fruits, bird eggs, turtles, shell-,
crayfish, algae etc. explains unique Homo traits (not seen in apes or
australopiths) much better than plains-dwelling: our large brain, our diving
skills & limited breath control, well-developed vocality, small mouth &
reduced chewing muscles, tongue bone descent, longer airway & projecting
nose, poor sense of smell, extreme handiness & tool use, late puberty, long
legs, aligned body, poor climbing, fur loss, fatness, high needs of water,
sodium, iodine & poly-unsaturated fatty acids etc.   Homo & Pan split ~6-5
Ma.  Homo populations apparently dispersed along lakes, coasts & rivers, in
savannas & elsewhere: in spite of sea level fluctuations (difficult
fossilisation), Homo tools/fossils 2.5-0.1 Ma are found near Rift valley
lakes, Indian Ocean & African coasts: Mojokerto, Dungo V Baia Farta, Terra
Amata, Table Bay, Eritrea etc., even on islands like Flores = all savanna...

--Marc Verhaegen

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