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Re: Human pretending to be a frog nearly drowns.....

Subject: Re: Human pretending to be a frog nearly drowns.....
From: "Lee Olsen"
Date: 20 May 2006 16:41:23 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
Paul Crowley wrote:
> "Lee Olsen" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
> >> That process will obviously grind up nearly
> >> everything it encounters.
> >
> > Wrong, or there wouldn't be  fossils other than your ground up flint
> > points found on the ocean bottoms. To grind up a hand axe by such a
> > process would take a longer period of time than hominids have been on
> > this planet.
> Hand axes were produced by grinding,
> and at an economical rate by hominids.
> Put them on a pebble beach and they'd
> be ground (and broken) to dust within a
> few years (or even months).

Where is your evidence that the whale and the other five examples I
gave (as opposed to your zero examples)  were deposited on a pebble
beach?   All beaches now have pebbles on them according to you? Are you
really that ignorant?

> > <snip rest of UFO argument>
> Who do you think you are fooling?
> Like all who pretend to PA expertise,
> you are a total waste of space -- and
> thoroughly dishonest.  You cannot
> deal with the simplest questions.

This is a science forum, it clearly states that in the title. If
science is so stressful for you to deal with, why aren't you over at
the UFO forum? There, all you have to do is think something exists and
poof, it magically becomes real and proven evidence for an argument.
Unlike your circular arguments here, where you keep repeating yourself,
I have presented data that at least some axes older than
100 k years occur on raised beaches and certainly didn't get turned to
dust in that amount of time, let alone in a few months.  If however,
they existed in the billions in these once sea-level areas, then a
seaside pattern should exist. In your upsidedown world, if there is no
such pattern, then that becomes evidence that such a pattern exists.
Why don't you go rent the Glomar Explorer and prove me wrong? Pretty
simple thing for you to do, even with your UFO thinking.

> Here's another chance:

The reason you are forced to ask nonsensical questions is because you
do not have any evidence of your own, it all exists in your
imagination. I can't refute your negative evidence because that is not
how science works. The burden is on you to produce the counter evidence
and you have not produced anything so far but wild imagination,
lip-service, and circular arguments. 


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