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Re: Study shows apes can plan ahead

Subject: Re: Study shows apes can plan ahead
From: "Jim McGinn"
Date: 23 May 2006 10:22:15 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
[email protected] wrote:
> ¨¨Human evolution began when the climate suddenly shifted from
> rainforest
> to a monsoon climate¨¨. - Jim McGinn
> Really ? When was this supposed to have happened?

Google it.  I've already discussed it.

 Did the Himalayas
> suddenly rise up and produce humanity?

No.  (But it is well established that climate change is rapid.)

> Did chimps, orangs and gorillas only start using tools in the last few
> years that we´ve been looking at them? Or could it be possible that
> they´ve been using them for aeons?


> Did chimps and gorillas suddenly become humans when they became more
> social?

Partly, yes.  (Google the rest.)

> If so, why didn´t baboons (more social than either) become a bit more
> human?

Google it.  There's more to human evolution than sociality (and tool

> In short, why don´t you two (Crowley & McGinn)  stop insulting each
> other as dimwits (you´ve obviously put a deal of thought into your
> respective positions) and get together to produce a Grand Theory that
> will put PAs (about the only thing on which I agree with both of you)
> in their place?

Paul's thinking is nonsense.  My hypothesis answers all the questions
as good as they can be answered.

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