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Re: Prescott Anthropologist Details Earliest Americans - TROLL ALERT!

Subject: Re: Prescott Anthropologist Details Earliest Americans - TROLL ALERT!
From: "Javriol"
Date: 4 Dec 2005 19:08:39 -0800
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo, alt.revenge, alt.religion.christian.baptist, rec.ponds, alt.religion.jehovahs-witn
Dr Livingstone wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Dec 2005 15:21:43 -0600, deep in the heart of Ujiji,
> "Cracklin'" <[email protected]> spoke the imfamous phrase:
> >You're replying to JABRIOL (Antonio L. Santana) from
> >alt.religion.jehovahs-witn using another person's name to avoid your
> >killfiles.  Please remove rec.ponds as he vowed to destroy that NG through
> >cross-posting and you're helping him unknowingly.
> >
> >Thank you....
> So you cut your group out and send this trash back to the rest of us?
> That's not very nice.  Just don't respond and he'll go away.
> So what did you do to piss him off anyway?

Carolyn Adamo Gulley
3245 North Lamar Road Mount Juliet TN  37122-7806
Phone  615-459-9345

has been caught in various vicious lies!
Before plaguing ARJW with her nonsense, she use to plague the Health NG
 do a google search on Yarrow / windsong / Carol for more details.
When she is best by a man she accuse him of stalking

She engages people in senseless debates about absolutely nothing.
Her intent on ARJW is to slander JW's

Before you reply, you may want to ask her a few things or only one.
_Where does she get her information?
_Can her information be verified?
_Is the information up to date?
_What is the purpose of her post? To present reliable facts about JW's
or sling mud on a religious organization in good standing in almost
every country in the world?

Ask her for evidence of her claims before proceeding with your
conversation with her, if not you may be end up wasting your time and
bandwidth on  discussing subjects based on fraudulent and fabricated
information. This is how she manipulates  clueless bystanders in
participating with her distributing false information elsewhere?

Facts about Carol:

*She can never present evidence.
*She never reveals the source of her info (because there is none). Her
common  reply, is: "everybody already knows". If everybody knew, why
bring it  up?
*She always hides her identity. And change her header to avoid
killfiles. A TOS offense
*She cuts and paste, rewrite postings, and will even forge e-mail
;which her ISP allows her to do. Just ask them: [email protected]

If your newsgroups has been victim of Carol's MCP and ECP that is off
topic you can report her. Her account is and
you may report her by calling 1-800-DirecPC, by emailing us at
[email protected], or by writing to:

Customer Care Center
11717 Exploration Lane
Germantown, MD 20876 USA

Her use of remailers can still be traced to her account.No American ISP
like to be
associated with Hate Speech no matter if Hate speech is protected
under the First. It affects their commercial interest.
Then you can contact your own ISP and have them add them to their
block List

Why does Carol behave as she does?

Carolyn Adamo Gulley of    Mt Juliet Tn. Is a life long underachiever.
She did not finish High school in NYC, and lived as  a biker gangsters
in the 60's and 70's. She claims on her former website that she has 2
marriages and blames God for her poor choices. It is alleged that she
lost custody of her only son due to substance abuse, (never been
proven however). Dumped in TN by her Second husband, Quote-quote, with
no place to go.

She also has failed attempts at being a JW. She could never attain
their moral standards as dictated in the scriptures, and thus been at
war with them ever since. This has made her a very mentally unstable
woman, her hatred is intense, and due to biker-substance abuse
lifestyle, she now needs aid of a pacemaker.

 By reporting her to her ISP, she is made aware, that she is alone in
her insane crusade full of false hoods and forgeries., and that you
the reader does not support hate speech against any religion or person.

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