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Re: Eating insects, not meat...

Subject: Re: Eating insects, not meat...
From: Philip Deitiker
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 23:48:31 GMT
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
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> "post , Philip."
>  And tripe should be cooked quite slowly.

I would not be to adverse to doing the first cooking with a nominal 
amount of bleach. Half a teaspoon per gallon. A little hydrogen 
peroxide might also fit the bill. I have to say one thing, I have had 
goat tripe and it is disgusting, even if you cook on the same grill 
that goat tripe is cooked on, the foods will taste disgusting. In 
that case of most foods, its all in the preparations, tripitas are 
more difficult to cook than most foods. 

> Interesting point about the phospholipids.
>     Marvin Harris, in _Good to Eat_, quotes this hypothesis that
>     people 
> eat what provides nutrition with a minimum of expended energy -
> that is, that the energy and other nutritional requirements must
> be balanced.

> Once a society is used to its dietary habits, regards anything
> that doesn't fit them as being disgusting.

One could look at americans and british and be disgusted at our 
diets. I find it a bit ironic that americans can make fun of others 
diets, and yet ourse is so unhealthy. The biggest problem in 
developing countries is not the food, but the water supply. If you 
have clean water you can sterilize just about anything through 

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