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Re: Eating insects, not meat...

Subject: Re: Eating insects, not meat...
From: "Jois"
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 20:02:08 -0500
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
<johnwl4@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
>    I'll toss in a couple of scents - venison was supposed to be gamey.
> Said that a down easterner didn't consider it suitable until a dog
> refused to eat it.
>     Meriwether Lewis (I think - or maybe Clark) mentions killing a
> deer, and one Shoshone got as his part a section of intestine.
> Squeezed the contents out with one hand while he fed the other end in
> his mouth.   And the Apaches foxed the soldiers who put guards on
> critical water holes.   The Apaches levied a bunch of horses from some
> rancher, rode one until it dropped, ate the meat, and emptied the small
> intestine, which was filled with water and wrapped around another
> horse.  Shoot, baby elephants eat the parents dung to get the
> intestinal flora.
>      And be careful with pups - don't let them around manure, because
> they may develope habits you would find objectionable, even with
> enriched dog food available.
>      Cheers,.
>       John GW

There was *nothing* cheerful about this!   ICK! ICK! ICK!

I think the rate of decay or rot in intestines far surpasses the decay or
rot of other tissues in animals when they die.  If some Shoshone got a
portionof intestine has his share of a deer kill then I think he was a
pretty unlucky Shoshone.  If the kill was fresh and deer were herbivores
then as they are now, he may have survived.  I don't understand the Apaches
business but, thank you, you don't need to re-explain. As for those baby
elephants - pheweee! and with fresh dung of an animal that eats only
veggies, it may be okay.  Regarding the last, I've had to speak to my own
dogs about this several times,  make them brush their teeth and gargle
before I take them back into the house and the chances are pretty good (or
bad, you'll agree) they will still throw up on my favorite scatter rugs.

There were/are instances in the literature (and I'd have to search back
quite a way with fingers crossed to still find examples) where hospital
patients with nearly unstoppable diarrhea were intubated and fed the stuff.
Hey, but that was a while back, nothing to be nervous about now.


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