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Re: apiths: not incipient KWers

Subject: Re: apiths: not incipient KWers
From: "Marc Verhaegen"
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 21:20:46 +0100
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
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> Marc Verhaegen wrote:
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> > "Rich Travsky" <" traRvEsky"> wrote in message
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> > > > But the evidence for AAT is overwhelming as everybody can see:
> >
> > > nonexistent.
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> > Snipping away the obvious doesn't help you, my boy.
> I only had to cut the nonsense.

Then, my boy, why can't you tell us why you believe that?   :-)

AAT = shoreline adaptations of the genus Homo

* Aquatic Ape Theory of human evolution (original term Morgan 1982)
* Aquarboreal Apes Theory of Mio-Pliocene apes (aqua=water, arbor=tree)
* Amphibious Ancestors Theory of Plio-Pleistocene Homo (AAT strict sense)
AAT s.s. is based on the behavior-anatomy-physiology-DNA of living humans
vs. chimps & other animals.  Sea/lake-side ancestors collecting coconuts,
fruits, bird eggs, turtles, shell-, crayfish, algae etc. explains unique
Homo traits (not seen in apes or australopiths) better than plains- or
forest-dwelling : brain size, diving skills, breath control, vocality, small
mouth & chewing muscles, tongue bone descent, longer airway, projecting
nose, poor sense of smell, handiness, tool use, late puberty, long legs,
aligned body, poor climbing, fur loss, fatness, high needs of water, sodium,
iodine & poly-unsaturated fatty acids etc.
Homo & Pan split ~6-4 Ma.  In spite of sea level fluctuations (difficult
fossilisation), Homo tools/fossils 2.5-0.1 Ma are found near Rift valley
lakes, Indian Ocean & African coasts : Mojokerto, Dungo V Baia Farta, Terra
Amata, Table Bay, Eritrea etc. (18 km sea crossing to reach Flores ).  Most likely, Homo
populations dispersed along coasts & rivers, in savannas & elsewhere.
* Max Westenhöfer 1942 "Der Eigenweg des Menschen" Mannstaede
* Alister Hardy 1960 "Was Man more aquatic in the past?" NS 7:624
* Maggie Roede cs. 1991 "The Aquatic Ape: Fact or Fiction?" Souvenir
* Elaine Morgan 1997 "The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis" Souvenir London
* Marc Verhaegen cs. 2002 "Aquarboreal ancestors?" TREE 17:212
* Stephen Cunnane 2005 "Survival of the Fattest" World Scientific

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