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Re: Final Solution of the Aquatic Question

Subject: Re: Final Solution of the Aquatic Question
Date: 29 Jul 2005 17:33:21 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
spiznet wrote:
> He sounds like a "lumper ".

From: Mclark

You've hereby declared to the world that you don't know the difference
between a Su Solomon and a Jim McGinn.  In my world (and in many
others), that's like saying <begin Charlie Chan> Left hand not know
what right hand do! </end Charlie Chan>.  Tough break, Bucky --it's
gonna take some extraordinary brilliance on your part, now, just to
break even.

From: JAE

Something's amiss when you're lumping Su and McGinn in the same lot.

From: spiznet:

He sounds like a "lumper ".

Maybe I'm not as 'into' this group psyche as I should be. Perhaps I was
just a naive young innocent, who thought that it was a forum for
rational discussion (disregarding Ed Conrad) of interesting subjects.

Perhaps I should have spent time beforehand, classifying the 'constant
doubters and putter-downers' of this incestuous small-time chat shop so

'I would know the difference between a Su Solomon and a Jim McGinn'.

When I first joined this group, Su Solomon graciously advised me to
study an Indian burial site - I dug my first Roman/Briton pottery waste
dump at the age of 12, (and became an 'expert' in Belgic/Samian, etc
pottery styles) and have been a close observer or participant in
archaeological sites in Malta, Cyprus, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

Since then, as (perhaps) I didn't thank her profusely for her
profoundly wise advice, she has limited her comments on whatever I post
(here or elsewhere) to very personal pronouncements on my morals (which
are no better then anyone else's), my habits (which are no better then
anyone else's) and my lack of academic expertise (which is no better
then anyone else's).

from the above-quoted comments (Mclark, JAE, and spiznet) I would infer
that she probably has a bunch of groupies.



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