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Re: Foxes, ladies and weapons

Subject: Re: Foxes, ladies and weapons
Date: 31 May 2006 00:10:09 -0700
Newsgroups: sci.agriculture.poultry
Peggy wrote:
> Hi All ,
> not very happy .one of my hand reared sheep who were due to lamb . had her
> little girl last night. B*** dy Fox  pulled the lamb out of her by the face
> to get the toung  .
> Killed the lamb and damaged her back so she can not walk any more . I wish I
> did have a gun .  I know this is not the group to talk about sheep on .but I
> am mad/up set
> .I feel a great deal about all my animals.
> Peggy
Hi, Peggy!
Oh, how my heart goes out to you!  Such a sad thing, losing life when
you should be reveling in its beauty.
Foxes are not (or at least have not been) our worst predators here.
Coyotes, opossums, and raccoons are worst at taking our birds.  When it
comes to the larger stock, coyotes, wolves, and cougar take the young -
up to 500 pounds!  Of course, we don't have wolves and cougar here,
according to the wildlife people.  Hmmm.  Sure.
I watch our cows closely and lock them in the calving stalls when they
get uneasy.  Better to use the stalls an extra night than lose the
babies.  But I've still sat up all night in the middle of the field
with a couple of flashlights and a gun, waiting on a baby to get to its
feet.  Something rushed a cow and calf one night as I sat with them; I
jumped up, turned on both flashlights and roared.  Whatever it was took
off like mad.
Being the crazy lady who walks her fields at night bearing arms makes
inturders think twice about crossing the property, both four-footed and
I hope your ewe recovers.  And I'll say a prayer for her caretaker.

Straw Barry Fields Farm
Kentucky, USA

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