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Re: Fencing to keep hens in

Subject: Re: Fencing to keep hens in
From: enigma
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 16:34:37 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: sci.agriculture.poultry, misc.rural
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>> Randy wrote:
>> > You will need some kind of fence over the top to keep
>> > them in. 
>> I'm talking about confining them to a yard.  Maybe a
>> thousand or 
> more
>> square feet. A fence over the top is out of the question. 
>> Isn't the purpose of wing clipping to keep them from going
>> over a fence? 
> My hens live in about a quarter acre fenced area with a 
> fully netted (sides and top) night house/yard configuration
> in one corner.  They are locked into the night house/yard
> each night or they are dead (periodic fox incursion).  The
> acre yard is surrounded by 1" chicken wire simple fence
> that is floppy in some parts and from about 4 ft high to
> about 5 ft high.  The chooks have never got out and they
> ahve also never got out through the fox holes either (but
> they are surprisingly small).  I have kept hens here (of
> mixed and various breed) for about 15 years.  They've also
> never seemed to show any interest in trying to get out.

 have yours ever been free ranging though? i've found that the 
younger chooks are more than happy to stay in the yard until 
they've been out to free range. after a week of that, they 
don't stay in nearly as well.
 i suspect one needs to decide one way or the other, or resign 
ones self to roofing the pen &/or clipping wings.
 we'll be roofing our pen over the next couple weeks, since 
we're going off for a weekend & need to make it easy on the 
chicken sitter. as long as they stay in the pen all a sitter 
has to do is open the coop door in the AM & close it at night 
(and collect the eggs). we fill the feeders before we leave & 
they have a 10 gallon waterer inside & a 30 gallon waterer in 
the pen outside.
"Fascism would be better described as corporatism, 
since it is marriage between the state and business" 
- Benito Mussolini

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