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Re: scaly leg mite, was: Feather Pecking

Subject: Re: scaly leg mite, was: Feather Pecking
From: katy
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:20:55 -0400
Newsgroups: sci.agriculture.poultry
diddy wrote:
in thread news:3odnctF5girhU1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: katy <katysails@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> whittled the following words:

diddy wrote:

in thread news:3odmnrF5dn0vU1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: katy <katysails@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> whittled the following words:

Cats...lots of cats.....unfortunately, you also lose all your other wild birds, too...

I'll keep the sparrows, thank you

In reality (and this seems mean...but...) I have gone around the ledges in the barn (open eaved pole barn) nad knocked out nests as soon as eggs are laid...What I do not mess with are the barn swallows in both the barn and the garage (we park the cars accoring to where the nests AREN't...) because of the wonderful bug protection they do for us...sparrows are flying rats, though, IMO...


I do the same. And in certain places, we knock down the swallow nests as well. We welcome swallows, but there are certain places we DON'T want their nests, and their favorite building site just happens to be right over my husband's work bench. Another seems to be right over where he parks his Harley. Those nests must go

Ah...Harley....Bimmer had the audacity to take a dump when the top was down and we almost had genocide...


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