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Re: [Save] Action alert for tree cutting legislation in the senate

Subject: Re: [Save] Action alert for tree cutting legislation in the senate
From: Bradley J Bergstrom
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 15:53:35 -0400 EDT
In the ongoing saga, please contact your state Senator (Tim Golden, if 
you vote in Valdosta) and ask him/her to oppose SB 256.

Trees Columbus wrote:

>There is still a chance that SB 256, the tree-cutting for billboards 
>will reach the floor of the Senate on Tuesday.  We cannot overemphasize 
>importance of making our voices heard in regard to tree-cutting for
>billboards. Please take a moment to send a quick e-mail to members of 
>Senate. An e-mail list can be found below this message. An excel file is
>also attached if you would prefer another method of contact.
>Whether delivered via telephone, mail,  or e-mail, please make sure your
>message is courteous, concise, and helpful. 
>We would like our senators to vote NO on SB 256 should it come up for a 
>on Tuesday.
>1.) Georgia has laws on the books regarding vegetation control and
>billboards. This legislation would greatly expand the viewing zones for
>billboards resulting in the clear cutting of more trees along our roads 
>highways. This clear cutting of public trees for the benefit of the
>billboard industry comes at the expense of all Georgians.
>2.) SB 256 is being falsely portrayed as a compromise approved by the 
>Clubs of Georgia with the billboard industry.  
>3.) Communities enact tree ordinances and sign ordinances with local
>community input to fit local community wants and needs. This legislation
>supercedes the needs of local communities in favor of the interests of a
>private industry.
>4.) Many of the trees planted along our roadways and public 
>are done so as part of highway beautification and landscape projects 
>taxpayer money.  Not only does this bill prevent future plantings, it 
>be virtually impossible for SB 256 to ensure that trees planted with 
>state or federal funds will not be removed.  
>Senate e-mail list:
>an@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> don.balfour@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; robert.brown@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>john.bulloch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; gloria.butler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>joseph.carter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; ronnie.chance@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>jeff.chapman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; bill.cowsert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>gail.davenport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; john.douglas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>vincent.fort@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; greg.goggans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>tim.golden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; johnny.grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>bill.hamrick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; ed.harbison@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>seth.harp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; lee.hawkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>bill.heath@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; jack.hill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>george.hooks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; ralph.hudgens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>bill.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; eric.johnson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>emanuel.jones@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; michael.meyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>dan.moody@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; jeff.mullis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>nan.orrock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; chip.pearson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>jb.powell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; ronald.ramsey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>kasim.reed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; chip.rogers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>nancy.schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; mitch.seabaugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>valencia.seay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; david.shafer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>preston.smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; cecil.staton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>doug.stoner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; Ed.Tarver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>regina.thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; don.thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>curt.thompson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; ross.tolleson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx;
>john.wiles@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; dan.weber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; 
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